Fast MDx is developing a rapid sample-to-results test system for COVID-19.
A single system can generate up to 564 patient results per hour.

Once the sample is entered into the system and the patient barcode data is matched to the sample tube, the Fast MDx platform runs automatically.

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About Our Technology

Local Testing

We aim to provide each hospital with a platform that can test up to 13,000 patients a day


The platforms will be free to the NHS – all they will pay for are the low cost tests

Environmentally Friendly

No plastic cartridges to dispose of and  the aluminium plate can be recycled


A small footprint means it can be simply wheeled from one site to another as required

Fully Automated

Testing is fully automatic and will test and report electronically

Easy to manage

Can be left for 4 hours without restocking of consumables

“Accurate COVID-19 testing on a mobile platform is exactly what the NHS needs urgently to get the UK through the pandemic and Fast MDx is the solution.”

Prof Jo Martin, President of the Royal College of Pathologists

Fast COVID-19™ provides fast, near-patient testing

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