Fast MDx was spun out of BJS Company, which has been involved in PCR thermal cycling since 1991 and today, supplies most Tier 1 thermal cycler manufacturers with fast, accurate, silver heat exchange blocks.

Regulatory Approval

Fast MDx and all assay kits will have UKCA and CE-IVDr regulatory approval.

If your lab is accredited to ISO 15189, then you can validate and use your own Laboratory Developed Tests on the Fast MDx platform.


We are a Social Enterprise with the ambition to bring low-cost, high-throughput, fast, molecular diagnostic testing to more peoples, in more settings around the World.

Fast MDx will provide clinicians with earlier, more informed results, allowing each patient to receive a faster, personalised clinical pathway.

Social Enterprise

This is a company that demonstrates financial success and constructive social influence are compatible.

A business that makes money while concentrating on solving social challenges.

A business that is significantly improving the lives of people by offering employment opportunities to underserved communities, funding educational programmes, or addressing healthcare issues.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

High-throughput, near-patient testing eliminates the need to transport samples in multiple vehicles, over long distances to centralised laboratories.

It also eliminates the need for secure transportation packaging of all sample tubes which ultimately has to be incinerated.


Fast MDx replaces multi-million US Dollar automated platforms, as well as modular test equipment that requires around five biomedical scientists to operate for a similar daily test output.

Existing test systems can only be used in expensive, biosecure, centralised laboratories whilst Fast MDx is ruggedly built to be operate anywhere.