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Fast MDx Limited is a new division of BJS Biotechnologies Ltd and staffed with a team of dedicated, multi-disciplinary professionals, who previously designed and built the innovative xxpress NGx qPCR thermal cycler used in life science laboratories around the World for research and development purposes in both government and non-government research institutes.

Building on experience

Fast MDx uses the same high thermally conductive microtiter plate material in a standard 96 well SBS format as used in xxpress NGx and applies this proven ultra-fast qPCR technique to Molecular Diagnostic testing.


Molecular Diagnostics must be both accurate and specific, giving confidence in the reported result. To date, standard MDx tests have been accurate and reliable but slow and expensive.

Fast MDx meets all four requirements giving fast, highly accurate results at drastically lower cost by using the low cost 96 well SBS format xxplate™. This allows Fast MDx to use standard liquid handling modules and so drastically reduce the cost of the platform.


Fast MDx is a mobile platform that can be easily relocated from its normal laboratory location to provide error-free, fully automated, sample-in-results-out, Near-Patient testing with minimal technician interaction.

“Accurate COVID-19 testing on a mobile platform is exactly what the NHS needs urgently to get the UK through the pandemic and Fast MDx is the solution.”

Prof Jo Martin, Former President of the Royal College of Pathologists

The BJS group of companies have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, committing to honour the Armed Forces Covenant and support the Armed Forces Community.

We recognise the value Serving Personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families contribute to our business and our country.

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Fast MDx provides fast, near-patient, full automated testing

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