Fast MDx is a Social Enterprise that aims to open up the Molecular Diagnostic test market

Economies of scale will allow for the first time, Molecular Diagnostic Testing to become available to all economies not just the wealthy, older ones


The massive benefits of Molecular Diagnostic Testing become available to all

Increased Accuracy

Fully automated testing is far more accurate that manual testing on modular systems as computers and robotic systems never get bored, distracted, or tired


Assist clinicians to prescribe and treat accurately

Less re-testing of indeterminate results

Faster Results

Medium- to High-Throughput Testing with sample-to-result in under 2 hours

1000+ test results per 8 hours


Faster clinical pathways – earlier and better intervention will produce much better outcomes

Reduced spread of disease within your society through earlier quarantining

Cheaper Testing

Fast MDx is a Near-Patient system that can carry out fully automated testing in similar volumes to those processed in expensive, complex, bio-secure, centralised laboratories either using multiple cheaper modular or very large and expensive semi-automated platforms

One Fast MDx platform and technician provide the same as five technicians in a biosecure lab

Fast MDx testing will be sold on a reagent rental basis, whereby the Fast MDx platform is lent Free of Charge and only the low-cost tests are chargeable


Vastly reduced overhead costs
Minimal logistic
Minimal packaging costs
Much lower staffing costs
No Capital Expenditure
No barrier to entry

Lower Carbon Footprint

Without the need to move samples over long distances fewer people are involved in handling the samples, no vehicle fuels are used and so no Green Houses gases are emitted

The NGx2 qPCR thermal cycler uses less electricity per sample than any other thermal cycler

Reduced packaging without the need for one-use carboard boxing, tape and plastics as well as the need to store and incineration the packaging materials


Less vehicle emissions and drastically reduced carbon footprint

Less plastics used to mass test especially when compared with all Near-Patient low volume cartridge test systems

Fast MDx eliminates the need for one-use packaging, its storing and subsequent incineration

One Fast MDx technician operating a Fast MDx near-patient, does the work of 5 technicians in an expensive biosecure laboratory and so drastically reduces the carbon footprint where the Fast MDx is being operated as well as the biosecure human facilities required by the 5 technicians