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Laboratory Partners

We are looking to place our first 8 Pre-Production platforms into laboratories in the UK and Europe

Testing on the Fast MDx platform offers big savings to your laboratory

Low cost testing

  • One simple charge per test includes all test consumables
  • Use your own Laboratory Developed Test (LDTs)
  • Validate and use the CE-IVD tests you use all the time
  • No capital expenditure as you simply borrow the platform free of charge, (subject to minimum levels of testing per month)
  • Mobile – you can share the platform with other laboratories within your facility

Low overheads

  • It’s ultra-compact, only using 700mm x 1m of floorspace

Low operator costs

  • The Fast MDx needs only one technician in place of several biomolecular scientists, (although we understand that you may still want one to review the results)